Associate Artists

This year sees the second year of the Apollo Associate Artists programme, directed by cellist Leonard Elschenbroich. This exciting addition to our programme sees young international soloists donating their time to visit our schools for special interactive workshops, giving the children a chance to hear playing of the highest level up close and to discover what the life of a soloist is like, and the dedication required to succeed at this level.

The musicians benefit from the opportunity to reach a new generation of children, using our network of schools to help build audiences for the future, and inspiring children to learn instruments themselves.

We hope to build up this programme, and plan to add more artists to the programme in the future.

Apollo Associate Artists

Leonard Elschenbroich (Director)

Bartholomew LaFollette

Alexander Sitkovetsky

Nicola Benedetti

Savitri Grier

Roderick Williams

Maria Włoszczowska

Elena Urioste