Paul Broadhurst, Greater London Authority (Music)

“I would say that AMP really understand the potential which brilliantly performed, imaginatively presented, live music can have for school children. There is a lot more instrumental music making going on in primary schools these days, however opportunities are limited for listening at close quarters to music performed extremely well. The chance to hear and meet musicians is vital in stimulating children’s imaginations and giving them a clear example of the thrill of making music with other people.

The notion of presenting a concert is not a new one, but explaining complex musical themes and structures in a way which engages children requires subtlety and skill. Through a structured listening programme AMP musicians and students break music down into its very building blocks and come to understand a little of its magic – how music can tell a story, conjure feelings or generate new ideas. Music is the perfect entry route into learning about almost any subject, and by working closely with teachers, it is possible for projects such as AMP’s to become a significant part of all children’s learning.”

Paul Broadhurst
Senior Cultural Policy Officer – Music
Greater London Authority