Rebecca Lindsay, Music Co-ordinator

“Our school has been very impressed with the impact that the Apollo Music Projects has had on the children’s learning. Not only have they been able to access the music curriculum in a lively and engaging manner, but they have also benefited in other areas of their education. Many of the students involved have found that listening to classical music had a calming affect on them and mentioned that they work well when music is played in the classroom. Indeed the teachers who have been a part of this programme have noticed that their classes are more open to listening to classical music after starting the project and that the concentration of the children improves as the project progresses. The children also become better able to discuss ideas around music, the science of sound and the expressive elements of the music they hear.

Of course many children have been keen to take up an instrument once they have seen and heard the instruments of the orchestra played live and those already playing have been further inspired to progress. One great example of this is a boy in year 4 who has had many behavioural issues since starting school however, after starting the Apollo Music Project he has begun to practise with renewed passion. As a result he has now been chosen to go onto a gifted and talented music register allowing him to receive individual tuition. Naturally his confidence and interest in succeeding in all areas at school has vastly improved”.

Rebecca Lindsay
Music Co-ordinator, Sir Thomas Abney Primary School