Children’s comments 2014-15

1. ‘What was the best thing about Apollo Music Projects this year?’

‘The best thing was listening to the amazing music Apollo Music played.’

‘The best thing about working with Apollo Music was getting to listen to the wonderful pieces of music because they’re just beautiful!!!’

‘It has inspired me to take up music.’

‘The best thing about working with Apollo Music Projects was that you learn something new every time they come here.’

‘When we closed our eyes and listened to the music.’

‘Because it inspired me to get an instrument and start to play and I might be like them one day.’

Apollo Music at Columbia School, Hackney. London.






2. In response to the Mendelssohn Op.44/2 Quartet, slow movement: 

‘I was feeling calm and relaxed as a smooth and soft pillow and it made me fall asleep. It even made me have a good dream on a soft bed. And it made me feel like crying.’

‘I felt like I was flying in the sky in heaven and dancing up in Heaven. It also made me feel calm, relaxed, peaceful.’

‘At the start it was a beautiful day as it was turning to night with a beautiful susnset. Then the stars start showing up and glistening, all the way to sunrise.’

‘It makes me feel like I can do anything and it makes me feel calm. And Happy.’

‘This really makes me feel calm. It also makes me feel like I am stranded on an island. I can hear the waves waving to the left and to the right.It makes me want to cry’Apollo Music at Columbia School, Hackney. London.






3. In response to the Shostakovich String Quartet no. 7, first movement:

‘The music makes me feel like I am so happy. It makes me a little scared but happy. It makes me feel excited and cool. It makes me really really calm. It makes me want to cry.’

‘I feel over the moon because it is like I am playing the instrument with them as well and it is a nice feeling.’

Apollo Music, St Mathias school, Hackney.