This year’s Grow Your Tenner campaign has now launched and will run until the match funding is fully allocated or 12am on Thursday the 10th January – whichever comes first.

During this campaign, direct debit donations are being matched by up to £10 for 6 months. After six initial donations, the following six donations will be matched. Anyone who makes a regular donation of £10/month will receive £60 in match funding. With Gift Aid as well, this means that your donation of £120 will be worth £210 in the first year.

It is a special campaign for regular donations which are extremely important to our work.

The match fund pot of £100,000 is rapidly being taken up by supporters of charities from all walks of life, so please don’t delay your contribution which will make a huge difference to the children who gain so much from our projects.

Many thanks for your kind help!