Encouraging speech by the Secretary of State for Culture

On 18 January the Secretary of State for Culture, Jeremy Wright, made a speech about the importance and value of the arts.

‘… engagement with the arts is linked with higher happiness and self-esteem in young people, helping them to foster feelings of personal pride and achievement.’

‘Creativity is increasingly recognised as a vital skill by employers and educators alike. In many ways, it is the most future-proof skill we can have. The challenge is how to help our young people to see the range of careers that culture has to offer. And wherever they come from and whatever they look like, to help them see themselves pursuing those careers. But we don’t have to make a living through culture for culture to change the way we live. How we engage with culture of all kinds can change the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves, and that is particularly true when we are young.’

‘Skills of self-confidence, teamwork and dedication are eminently transferable, and they are learned through the opportunities arts and culture can offer. And I want more young people to be able to take advantage of these opportunities’.

(The above quote was usefully re-tweeted and endorsed by the Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds.)

‘I know my colleagues at the Department for Education share our ambition in these areas. And I will be working with them to bring the benefits of drama, dance, art, music and more to a greater number of young people.’