Children’s wellbeing and music – new Impact Report now published!

We are delighted today to publish our Impact Report, examining the impact of listening to live classical music on children’s wellbeing. The positive findings detailed in this report should be a welcome step forward in understanding the effect of music on children’s wellbeing and emotional development, and in underlining the importance of giving children access to the arts.

The Report includes the results of three separate studies examining the effect of listening to live music on children’s wellbeing and their creative responses to the emotional content of the music played as part of our schools’ programme.

We are very proud that our research shows our programme to have a hugely positive impact on children’s wellbeing. Engaging with live classical music through our interactive and exciting programme enables children to develop an emotional connection to the music, and supports key skills like listening and concentration. We also help children to feel that classical music is accessible and relevant to them, thereby inspiring them to learn an instrument.

Our Key Findings are shown in the infographic below. You can read the full impact report here.

We are grateful to Victoria Williamson for including our Report in her blog. Vicky wrote:

“My favourite part of the report is the conclusion regarding unexpected impacts. David wanted to explore the ways that children concentrate when listening to classical music and connect to the emotion it portrays, but his research suggests a relationship between attention, emotion and wellbeing that was more fundamental than he had imagined: A positive emotional response arose through the act of attentive listening per se. Triggering concentration through guided music listening is a pathway to wider emotional wellbeing.” – Dr. Victoria Williamson, author, You are the Music 

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