Our research featured in Dr Victoria Williamson’s blog

We are delighted that Dr Victoria Williamson, author of You Are The Music, has featured our newly published Impact Report in her Music Psychology blog: Consider music for children’s wellbeing… lockdown and beyond 

Below is an extract of Vicky’s blog post:

My favourite part of the report is the conclusion regarding unexpected impacts. David wanted to explore the ways that children concentrate when listening to classical music and connect to the emotion it portrays, but his research suggests a relationship between attention, emotion and wellbeing that was more fundamental than he had imagined: A positive emotional response arose through the act of attentive listening per se. Triggering concentration through guided music listening is a pathway to wider emotional wellbeing and the powerful psychological concept of flow. In this interpretation, listening experiences with live classical music offer a focal point for young minds (as well as those of their carers and educators), even if only briefly, on the precious moment, the here and now.

These music episodes offer the chance to calm the frantic reflective and planning activities of the conscious mind and to free the pathways to the deep emotion and limbic systems. A moment to stop and to feel. No special prior training is required in order to experience this change in state, as our human response to engaging music is life-long and instinctive. Programmes like AMP facilitate and guide children along this musical pathway to wellbeing.

You can read our Impact Report in full here.