Workshop repertoire – listen again!

Here are some recordings of the pieces your classes will have heard in the workshops. We would love for you to listen again after hearing the pieces played by our musicians in school, but please don’t listen to the pieces before you’ve heard them in the workshops. We like the live experience to be the children’s first time hearing the music!

Workshop 1 – Beethoven String Quartet (Op. 18 No. 4 iii)

Audio only recording:

Workshop 1 – Mozart String Quartet (“Dissonance” Andante Cantabile)

Workshop 2 – Haydn String Quartet a (Op. 77 No. 1 i)

Workshop 2 – Haydn String Quartet b (Op. 76 No. 1 i)

Workshop 2 – Ravel String Quartet (the “pizzicato” movement)

Workshop 3 – Il Est Bel Et Bon by Passerau

Workshop 3 – Mozart Horn Concerto, Vivace

Workshop 3 – The theme from Wallace and Gromit (as heard in workshops played by the brass)

Workshop 4 – In The Mood by The Glenn Miller Band (as heard in workshops played on Saxophones!)

Workshop 4 – Harry Potter theme by John Williams (as heard in workshops played by the woodwind)

Workshop 4 – The Simpson’s Theme (heard in workshops on Saxophones, and in the concert with our orchestra!)

Workshop 5 – Shostakovich String Quartet (No. 4 iii Allegretto)

Audio only recording:

An extra movement of the same piece for the Shostakovich fans:

Workshop 5 – Mendelssohn String Quartet (Op. 12 iii Andante)