Creative Writing Challenge 2 – submission display

Once again we were overwhelmed by the amazing responses to the music, and we were delighted to have so many submissions from our partner schools. Here is a selection of highlights, below the video prompt of the Kanneh-Mason trio performing Deep River.

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Deep River
This dreamy and beautiful music makes me feel a flower of emotions. It begins with a sweet and dainty tone and then widens to more of a groovy, soul sound. It is engaging and comforting as the music begins with a timid piece to a wonderful broad sound. It makes me feel luxurious and joyful and once I heard it its reminded me of the two dogs from “The Lady and the Tramp”. It makes me feel comfortable as if I am walking through a solitary street. There is no sound to be heard apart from the delicate music; begging you to lay down you head and rest.




Words and picture by Dilan (10), Year 5, Muswell Hill Primary School




Calm yourself
When your day gets hard,
Don’t get all jarred,
Calm yourself.

When you feel sad,
Don’t get MAD,
Calm yourself.

When you are struggling,
Don’t go troubling
Calm yourself.

Listen to the music,
With all your heart,
Maybe look at some art and then…

You go into a new world,
See the lush berries on the trees,
As you go across the calm seas.

Your palms brushing against the water out of the side of your boat,
As the fishes swim and float,
You have calmed yourself.
Eleanor (9), Year 4, Ambler Primary School

Emotional piece
Immediately, as I heard this emotional, sorrowful piece , it brought me back to a place I would never forget, a place where I cried profusely till there was no more tears. This was when my grandpa sadly died and I sobbed heavily as I looked at his lifeless, stiff body. My tears were uncontrollable as they still are today. It was like a million shards of morbid darkness piercing my heart, bringing over a pang of flooding darkness which consumed the love and happiness in my heart turning them into copies of hate, regret and sorrow.

As I listened a little more intently it reminded me about a point in my life where I thought there would be no end of my torment. The sad piece reminded me of when my mum was ill and I had no hope and when I felt like I was being eaten inside by my growing feeling of sadness. When the pitch of the music was ascending and became high I remembered those times I regained confidence and I found my feet, the time when happiness and joy captivated my body shutting out the darkness as if it was filling me with new life, refreshing my souI. A time when I reassured my family that she was a fighter and will get through this and she did.

Overall, this wonderful and amazing piece made me think deeply about how even through hard times you must confidently persevere and believe that after all strife there will be peace and a touch of calmness. Finally, the piece encourages resilience as the key to overcoming every barrier and adversity.
Alicia (10), Year 5, St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School




By Chelsea (7), Year 2, Ambler Primary School






A vase of flowers
In the summer swept wind
As the sky glows
As the river flows
To the waterfall stream
The nature is pulled away to a screen
Of dawn
As all of the animals come out and yawn
Rosa (6), Year 1, Ambler Primary School




By Sonny (7), Year 2, Ambler Primary School






It makes me feel splendid with joy and miserable at the same time but not that sad.
It makes me imagine sweet and calm things, for example peaceful and kinda sad stuff but I’m still bright and I’m ok.
Normally it takes me to a quiet place where everything is created with happiness.
Loda (8), Year 3, Devonshire Hill Primary School

Deep Deep Down
You will find a fish with a frown
Swimming and looking for a family she owns
Years and years went by still looking for a family she owns. Tears falling apart and one day she will be crashing and crashing until the end. One dark night she saw a huge and huge never ending fish with white sharp teeth looking for something to eat.
But then she saw something on his back, it looked like a birth mark the same she had, so it must, must be her brother.
Abir (10), Year 5, Carlton Primary School






Poem by Joseph (7), Year 2, Ambler Primary School






Birthday’s Over
My birthday is over
Nothing more to unwrap
I get put to bed
For a long night’s nap

I shift and move
Why do days like these end?
If only I could have
This one again.

And then I see it
At the end of my bed.
One BIG panting present:
With a tail, some legs,




Poem and picture by Wilf (8), Year 3, Ambler Primary School

Creative Challenge 1 – submission display!

We were absolutely blown away by the submissions to the first challenge, so we decided to share a few of the pieces, along with the video. Challenge #2 is now open – click here to watch the video and take part!

Elena Urioste, the violinist in the video, read your submissions and said:
“Oh my goodness, how beautiful! I find the melding of music and other art forms — visual, written, movement-based — so powerful, and I just love to see what young minds are capable of creating when experiencing the power of music.”
We are so grateful to Elena for providing the music for the first challenge. You can watch her other lockdown videos (including the Baby Shark Medley) here.

We made this word cloud to show just how many amazing words children used to describe this piece of music!

The music that warmed my heart
As I heard the melodious, harmonious , angelic music, my senses were restored back to life. I felt like I was in a lavished park with the luminous, vibrant sun shone and I felt millions of shards of light and heat resting on my forehead , penetrating my eyes in the act. It also made me feel like I was in a fantasy that somewhat captivated my mind.It also gave me mixtures of emotions while I was listening.
It also reminded me about Paris , where relationships are rekindled and brought to life. When the music was high in pitch , the serenade was like a beautiful bosom cradling my ear. The music rekindles my long lasting dream, world peace. It makes me think about love for each other.
When the music was low in pitch, it made me feel like the only thing we know is vengeance , war and inequality . It also made me feel like if we do not act fast the world will be a vicious and horrible place. Personally, what I got out of this piece is that it is never to late to fight for what’s right.
Alicia, Year 5, St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School

Poem by Xiaoxi









Sad and solemn,
Calm and nice.
Small and gentle,
As quiet as mice.

It takes you off to
a lonely hill.
In a lonely place,
with a lonely chill.

Meditate, sleep
or even dream,
Whatever you do,
Its a glorious gleam.

It rests your head
and leaves you alone.
Meanwhile, it changes,
Its glorious tone.

Dark like thunder,
Bright like sunlight.
Small and dainty,
On a practical night.

This music is calming,
Casual and soothing.
All of these features,
Make it so moving.
Dilan (10), Year 5, Muswell Hill Primary School







Story and picture by Georgie

My Apollo Music Writing Challenge
The sun was shining with pride in the clear, blue sky. The trees were swaying in the breeze as the birds chirped in unison. Suddenly, the sky got dark and the wind blew furiously as the animals which were grazing on the grass retreated to safety. Then, the sky rumbled as thunder came striking down the sky and roaring with rage. Flashes of thunder brightened the sky as the trees shook violently. Slowly, the thunder disappeared and drops of rain started to appear. While the rain dropped, the sun appeared brightening the sky. The animals slowly came out to see a rainbow glinting in the sunshine. The rain disappeared as the animals jumped about in the field and some were grazing on the grass. The birds flew around chirping with happiness. The animals headed to the lake to have a nice, refreshing drink. The sun was shining as the trees were swaying in the calm, cool breeze.
Nick (10), Year 5, Ambler Primary School




Poem by Arin, Ambler Primary School





By Muhoummad, Year 3, London Fields Primary School





Blue sky
buzzing bees
smell of the blooming flowers
rays of the sky
amazing spring
Grey sky
birds stop singing
bees have disappeared
lightning, noise, thunder
flooding the whole world
with his tears
giving life and destructive
at the same time
I am waiting …
I know it will come
after each storm
the sun comes out
and it is again
peace and quiet
beautiful spring
Maksymilian (8), Year 4, Eldon Primary School





Picture by Iona





By Mina, Year 1, London Fields Primary School










Mindful Music
Violins make such a lovely sound,
Which rises your feet off the ground,
When you listen to it, you feel great,
And it reminds you it’s never too late,
When you sing with a beautiful voice,
All you hear is the relaxing noise,
Music always does a favour, it will lift,
Because it’s the most wonderful gift.
Amisha, Year 4, Eldon Primary School






Anonymous, Year 1, London Fields Primary School





Picture by Silvi




Creative Writing Challenge 1

Apollo Music Projects is launching a Creative Writing Challenge to get you feeling inspired by and connected to classical music. When we play to classes in primary schools, the children always have such imaginative and poetic responses to the music and the way our musicians perform it. We decided that we could set musical prompts for children to write poems, stories or other pieces of writing while our musicians are unable to connect with them in the classroom.

How to take the challenge (Challenge 1):
The challenge is free and open to all, but specifically designed for all children aged 4-11.
All you have to do is listen to this piece of music. It is by Schumann, and played by violinist and Apollo Associate Artist Elena Urioste, and pianist Tom Poster.

What does it make you feel? What does it make you imagine? Where does it take you – to another landscape, another time, another body?

Now, either while you’re listening to the music or immediately afterwards, create a poem, story or any other response to the music.

You don’t have to know anything about the music to take the challenge. Just think about how it makes you feel and get writing!

Send your finished work to by Monday 29 June.
Please include your name and your age. If you have worked with Apollo musicians in school, please also include your school and year group.
It’s not a competition, but writers will receive a certificate and the musicians will select their favourite pieces of writing for display on the Apollo Music Projects website.

We can’t wait to see your creations!

For more information or our press release, please email