Recent fundraising successes

We are very pleased to have received funding from The Thistle Trust and Charles S French Charitable Trust recently. We are so grateful to these trusts for supporting our work. Their generous help will enable us to reach more children with our programme in 2021.

David Chernaik, CEO of Apollo Music Projects, on Classical Chats

David was invited to join Tiffany Poon for Episode 6 of her YouTube series Classical Chats, to talk about Apollo and how our programme brings classical music to children. Thank you to Tiffany and Together with Classical!  Watch the full episode here:

Creative Writing Challenge: a special mention

For those who followed our Creative Writing Challenges over the summer, you may have noticed the very impressive descriptive writing of one pupil who wowed us every time. We would like to give a special mention to Alicia in Year 6 at St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School, Homerton for taking part in all three challenges and writing so beautifully each time.
Alicia will soon be continuing to take part in the Apollo schools’ programme along with the rest of her year group, who didn’t get to finish the programme in Year 5 due to the pandemic. We look forward to seeing all our budding writers and poets when we return to schools soon!
Here is Alicia’s response to Sean Shibe’s performance of Bach’s Sarabande in E minor, for our Creative Writing Challenge #3:

A tale of many emotions
As my cunning ears sensed this solemn, and tragic piece , my senses were set alight as I pictured myself in a dark setting and as I looked up I saw the pitch black, long, endless sky crying, letting out perpetual rain and the cacophony was shocking . I felt like I was not alone and imagined multiple figures approaching.
As I delved deeper into the music my blood froze and the hairs on my back rose and I was too scared to move an inch but in my minds eye I saw familiar faces like my family through the sounds. I imagined myself plunging into my dads arms and kissing my mum gently on her cheek.
On the other hand, It also made me picture myself crying bitterly and as I imagined a gush of tears running down my face, I realised how this powerful piece has awoken so many emotions in me.

Alicia, Age 10, St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School

Together with Classical

We would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to Together with Classical for choosing Apollo Music Projects as one of the charities supported by their Launch Season campaign. They reached their fundraising target of $10,000 and we are delighted to have received a third of this.
The donation we have received will make a huge difference to our work, and is a wonderfully positive way to start the new term! We are excited about getting back into the classroom to inspire children with the magic of live classical music.
Thank you again to Together with Classical, and to all the music lovers who donated to the campaign! You can check out Together with Classical’s page and merch here.
We are also excited to announce that Apollo Music Projects CEO David will be appearing as a guest on Tiffany Poon’s YouTube series, Classical Chats. Tiffany is a concert pianist, vlogger and the founder of Together with Classical. Keep your eyes peeled for David’s episode!