Creative Writing Challenge 2

After the success of our first Creative Writing Challenge (view some of the submissions here), we are delighted to set the second challenge!

This time the music is this performance of Deep River by Braimah, Sheku and Isata Kanneh-Mason. Braimah is one of our Associate Artists, and we are very grateful to him for sharing this video with us for the Challenge. If you enjoy it, you can find other performances by the Kanneh-Masons on Sheku’s Facebook Page.

How to take the challenge (Challenge 2):
The challenge is free and open to all, but specifically designed for all children aged 4-11.
All you have to do is listen to this piece of music.

What does it make you feel? What does it make you imagine? Where does it take you – to another landscape, another time, another body?

Now, either while you’re listening to the music or immediately afterwards, create a poem, story or any other response to the music.

You don’t have to know anything about the music to take the challenge. Just think about how it makes you feel and get writing!

Send your finished work to by Monday 13 July.
Please include your name and your age. If you have worked with Apollo musicians in school, please also include your school and year group.
It’s not a competition, but writers will receive a certificate and the musicians will select their favourite pieces of writing for display on the Apollo Music Projects website.

We can’t wait to see your creations!

For more information or our press release, please email

Entries for this and for past challenges are still welcomed after the deadline!

Apollo At Home – video from Roderick Williams

This week we are absolutely thrilled to be sharing this video from our Associate Artist, Roderick Williams, which he very kindly recorded specially for all the children we’ve been working with this year. We are hugely grateful to Roderick for this lovely message, incredible performance, and for his ongoing support of our work. Enjoy!

Zoom talent show with St John & St James Primary School

Last week, three of our musicians were delighted to be invited as special guests to a ‘Year 4’s Got Talent’ Zoom Show!
John, Lucia and Helen joined Year 4s from St John & St James Primary School in Hackney – pupils who we have been working with this year – for a virtual concert. Both our musicians and the children enjoyed performing, listening, sharing and learning about all the different styles of music.
Thank you for having us!

Apollo At Home – Juliet’s Oboe

In our third video, Juliet shows us the oboe. She explains how it works and why she chose to play it, and then plays a very beautiful piece called Gabriel’s Oboe, from a film called The Mission.

Juliet tells us that in the film: “As Gabriel sits in the forest and plays these notes on his oboe, the South American people who live there start to feel much more relaxed, much more peaceful, and much more trusting. The music has a really beautiful healing effect, and I think that this a really important thing in our lives.”

What effect does this music have on you? Does it make you feel peaceful, relaxed and trusting? Have a listen!